How Does Google AdWords Help Your Company’s SEO?

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Keyword Research to Improve SEO

It is a well-known fact that Google is a keyword dependent search engine. Keyword research must be completed prior to starting an AdWords campaign, as it enables you to build your ad around the most common search terms in your industry. When starting an AdWords campaign, you will have to focus on certain keywords and create tags for your website to drive inbound traffic. Needless to say, what matters the most in SEO is a high ranking keyword. Because Google AdWords helps with keyword research and tagging, you can make use of their keyword research tool to improve your website’s SEO ranking. The AdWords keyword tool helps to search keywords, find relevant keyword phrases and automatically generate a bunch of keywords.

Improve Click-Through-Rates (CTR) with SEO

Researching keywords not only improves the performance of your AdWords campaign, but it also enables you to get a better click-through-rate. Using effective keywords are a vital part of SEO, especially when creating paid AdWords advertisements to drive website traffic. With Google AdWords, your ads can have a better CTR even with the existing rankings. The trick is to play with your keywords and change the ad campaign title and descriptions until you reach the optimal quality score for your keyword. The process of combining the best title with description can maximize your organic search and your CTR. It is also important to monitor your AdWords campaign performance so you can modify the details to improve your CTR.

Geographic Targeting to Boost SEO

Another way of boosting your SEO with AdWords is through geo-targeting. The Google AdWords tool has the capability of targeting a geographic location such as a local area. Therefore, it is important to choose and target geo-specific keywords and locations for better inbound links and good conversion rates.

AdWords is Useful for SEO

In the past, Google AdWords was specifically for advertising. Now, it is not only an effective tool for advertising but also for improving your website SEO. Monitoring your AdWords campaign will give you valuable insight into the keywords and search terms used by prospective customers. And it provides tangible keyword research applicable to your website to improve your website ranking.

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