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Elements to ranking on Google

So you have a website and people aren’t flooding it with orders or requests for your services? This problem could relate to the fact that you aren’t ranking on Google for your specific products or services. Search for some of your products or services yourself; what page is your site on in Google? When you search, you aren’t flipping to the third or fourth page to find the right results. Me neither! I normally find what I am looking for on the first page on Google. If not, I try searching for a different phrase or keyword. This isn’t really a bad thing; the companies found on Google’s first-page rank due to their reviews, content and the useful information on their webpage. They are the company most people choose.

Inbound Links

The more links you have going back to your site, the more Google feels that your content is useful and will, in turn, give you a better Google ranking. So, what are “links pointing to your site”? These are links from, or to, other popular pages on your website or blog. For instance, if I am writing a blog on “Search Engine Optimization” I will link it back to a great blog on SEO, or I may link it back to a landing page on my website about SEO. Or the opposite, from the website; content on the website might link to a blog giving the searcher more information on certain phrases or keywords. The more links = the better ranking! Hiring an SEO Company in Calgary may give you the cutting edge for linking your website properly.

Proper Title Tags

Google ranks you on the use of your page titles. If you have a website that simply says “Home” on your website home page, it could be the reason for your poor Google ranking. Descriptive titles get you ranking on Google better for two reasons. They not only give search engines an understanding of what the page is about but also, your reader (potential customer). What are your customers searching Google for that leads them to your product or service? It certainly isn’t home! Use specific keywords in your titles such as “real estate,” “asphalt,” “concrete,” “decks and fences,”… you get the picture! Again, hiring a Calgary SEO company might be the best answer as they have the knowledge and tools to find the right titles required to get your ranking on Google.

The Right Keywords

To get on the first page of Google, you need to have the right keywords – proper SEO! Similar to your page titles, you need to think about and research what your customers search to find you. Put yourself in the searcher’s shoes. Strategically include these keywords in your content, but only if it is relevant to what you are saying and the content of the page. Make sure not to stuff your content with these keywords or phrases. If you are getting a website designed by an SEO company in Calgary, it is crucial to ensure the website company you hire is building your website with proper SEO in mind– I’ve personally seen many people ask us why they aren’t ranking in Google. Usually,  they end up hiring us, a Calgary SEO company, to do proper SEO practices on their website and often become a client of ours because the company they hired initially built them a website and then abandoned ship with no intentions of doing proper SEO practices.

Effective Social Media

Like linking, Google sees social shares as a way of measuring the usefulness in your content. If people share your website or content, it must be useful in their eyes. Further, if you are a business with a website that doesn’t efficiently use Facebook, Twitter or Google+, you are missing out on people spreading your word and getting your Google Rank higher! Lastly, if you are a busy company with no time to effectively use social media, hire a social media marketing company to do it for you!

Good Web design

How would you like to have your information presented to you when searching in Google? Well-organized, easy-to-read, easy-to-find? Google as well! The stronger, better-organized pages get rewards from Google by giving those pages a higher Google ranking. If you hire a web design company, make sure their work is the way you want to see it – be picky!

The biggest thing to realize when you are building or looking to hire someone to build your website is that it needs to be built for success, setting you up to rank on Google. Your customers aren’t going to search for you on the third or fourth page so don’t waste your money building a site that won’t rank. Anyone can build you a website and probably pretty cheaply too, but does it have the proper elements for Google ranking success? When you are building a website or hiring a web design company, make sure it is proper and the key elements are being met to set you up for great Google Rankings. Hire a good SEO company in Calgary that wants to see you on the first page of Google!

We hope you enjoyed our post and got the information you require!

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