Branding Benefits For Your Business

Branding in Calgary

Branding is essential for defining a company and its relationship with its customers. Think about the best brands on the market and how they have strong relationships with their fanbase: 

  • Fans of Apple are loyalists because they know they’re getting the newest, slickest and best technology. They’re loyal to a fault. 
  • Nike & Adidas are leaders in sportswear. Why? They provide quality for the value of their money. People know they’re getting materials made for their active lifestyle and will last for years.  
  • Ikea is loved by millions thanks to its low prices, giant stores and unique customer experience. They also have an easy to recognize and loveable logo. 

Yes, these are massive brands with millions of dollars to spare (although acquiring venture capital in Calgary can help). But that doesn’t mean that local businesses in Calgary, and throughout Canada, can’t experience the same sense of loyalty and uniqueness. Your business just needs to maximize its branding in Calgary to ensure that you experience the benefits. 

Benefits of Strong Branding in Calgary 

Customer Recognition

When a customer sees the color, image, logo and style of a brand that they recognize – and associate it with quality and value – they’re more likely to buy it than other options around it. As long as it can establish a powerful connection to the audience, it can be useful in grabbing their attention and turning them into paying customers. 

Customer Loyalty

According to Pan Marketing, brand loyalty is worth 10x more than a single purchase. So you can see the importance of establishing a strong bond with your customers. When you combine a great product or service with engaging branding, you’ll build a loyal customer base – that will spread and continue to grow! 

Brand Power Maximizes New Product/Service Launches 

Having a strong base brand foundation can help maximize the launch of new products or services. People will be automatically interested because they’re already familiar with your brand and have preconceived notions about it. Think of every Apple launch and how people wait for hours in the queue. That’s loyalty! 

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Increases Credibility in the Industry 

The stronger the brand, the more effective the company’s credibility within its industry. That level of trustworthiness can enhance its connection with customers – as it becomes known for its place – and is an innovative marketing tool that can be used. Think of all the advantages that you can enjoy when applying your brand’s credibility when it comes to your digital marketing in Calgary

Gives Confidence to Customers 

Quality branding also provides your customers with confidence in your products or services. Your audience will feel enlightened and empowered when purchasing your products or services because they know what they’re getting from you. If you think that’s not important, think about this: 81% of consumers said they need to be able to trust the brand to buy from them. You can build that trust by giving them the confidence they need in your products and services. 

Five Tips For Improving Branding in Calgary 

Experiencing the benefits of a strong brand requires work to build it from the ground up. Even if you have a recognizable brand, you can still do work to ensure that you enhance it to improve visibility. These five tips can help improve your brand:

Establish a Unique Branding Style for Your Company

Having a foundation in which you can develop and improve your brand begins with a guide that you can apply throughout your company. Consider the color of your brand, the font style, the style of messaging (casual tone or serious), and then apply it to your whole company, including your website design and brand messaging. Oberlo backs this claim up, suggesting that “consistent presentation of a brand has seen to increase revenue by 33 percent.

Look for Media Opportunities

Is there a unique story to tell about your company that might be interesting to the broader public? If so, then build upon it. You don’t need to make mainstream media to give your publicity a boost. Thanks to social media, your story can develop over time and really draw interest to your business. People believe in word of mouth, so if your story makes the airwaves, it will enhance your brand.

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Exciting Content is a Must 

Generic, everyday content isn’t going to excite your followers. Markets are incredibly competitive nowadays, and when it comes to content, you need to stand out with quality.  82% of consumers feel more positive about a brand after reading customized content, so you have to push your content limits. Grab the attention of your audience with stunning content that engages them viscerally, emotionally and mentally. Make sure the voice and look of those pieces flow with your messaging and tone. 

Maximize Social Media to Generate Brand Awareness 

Social media marketing shouldn’t be ignored. It is a perfect platform for building your brand. From pushing out content to displaying messages, from advertising to engaging your customers, your customers and potential customers might not be going to your website every day, but they will be on their social media looking at their feed. It’s vital to get your page on there as often as possible. Consider which platforms are best to reach them: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Snapchat.

Paid Online Strategy

Consider paid channels where you can gain brand exposure in front of a relevant audience of potential customers. This is an effective method in which you introduce your brand to people who’ve never heard of you. Facebook and Google Ads, alongside remarketing, can help further expand your content and branding. 

Utilizing the following strategies can help develop your branding in Calgary so you can experience the compelling benefits that come with it. Branding is a powerful tool that should be maximized so that your business enjoys greater sales and profits. 

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