7 Tips On Creating an Effective Adwords Advertising Campaign

PPC Adwords

Use the Keyword Planner for Marketing Calgary

The keyword planner predicts how much traffic you’ll get using intended Adwords. This gives you instant, valuable feedback so you can adjust keywords to find a good fit for marketing Calgary


Target Your Audience by Using Blacklists

Consider your target audience and websites they visit. Blacklist websites that aren’t popular with your audience so you don’t pay money advertising there.

Coordinate Adwords Advertising Calgary with Your Business Hours

Is your business closed on the weekend? Consider turning off Adwords advertising Calgary on Saturday and Sunday. If no one answers the phone, people trying to contact you after seeing your ad will be wasted.

Don’t Use All Caps

Use capital letters sparingly for marketing Calgary; no one wants to feel like they are being yelled at. If you want to highlight something, capitalize only one word, like the word “FREE.”

Make Your Adwords Your Own

Don’t copy other advertising agencies Calgary when writing Adwords. Make your Adwords content related and clear so that people can tell what you’re about.

Use Numbers

Including numbers gives people helpful information and attracts attention. Instead of thinking your products are probably expensive, they can see the actual price.

Adjust Your Bidding with Advertising Agencies Calgary

Once you have a good idea of the number of clicks you get each day, it’s time to adjust your bidding. If you get the most clicks on Thursday, increase your bidding for Thursday. You can also adjust based on the hours that are most popular. For this kind of monitoring, it’s great to work with advertising agencies Calgary who can handle the details.

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