5 SEO Steps to Include in Your Content Marketing Strategy

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Start Calgary SEO with Keyword Research

Research keywords before you write so you can craft your content around the appropriate terms. Focusing on multiple related keywords or phrases that have a lower search volume is usually more beneficial for Calgary SEO than using obvious broad keywords.

Consider Keyword Placement with a Calgary SEO Company

How and where you use keywords is almost as important as the keyword itself. Avoid using keywords too often or you can get penalized for keyword stuffing. Instead, place them in strategic places throughout your content, including the title, headers, beginning, and end. A Calgary SEO company can help you determine where and when to use keywords.

Use Internal Linking for SEO

Link each page or post with another related page on your website. This spreads links around your site, helping you rank higher and keeping readers on your site longer.

Include External Links to Improve SEO

Linking to authority websites provides additional information for readers and shows you’re working to inform and educate. You may also gain attention from industry leaders by including links to their websites or blogs. They may even return the favour by linking to your content.

Build Backlinks with Calgary SEO Services

Backlinks to your blog or website boost visibility. With Calgary SEO services, you can make the most of backlinks by using social media, PR tactics, and traffic assets. Avoid using the same anchor text repeatedly when creating backlinks.

Developing a content marketing strategy that works can be time consuming, but it’s worth the effort. A Calgary SEO company can provide the expertise you need to stay ahead of your competition in search result rankings.

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