5 Online Marketing Tips for Small Business in Calgary

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#1: Blog with Authority

Anyone in the Calgary online marketing scene understands the importance of stepping into the shoes of an expert. It gives you credibility and builds trust with customers, which eventually converts into hundreds of sales.

#2: Prepare for the Mobile Revolution

Mobile technology has changed how marketing takes place. In the United States for 2017, 95 percent of Americans had a smartphone, and 98 percent had their text messages open, which creates a Calgary marketing opportunity for those shrewd enough to take advantage of it.

#3: Social Media Marketing That’s Personalized

Social media has grown to epic proportions since it first began. In fact, a lot of talented Calgary digital marketing centres around building up the right routine with social media. You must pay close attention to these personalized marketing techniques to get the most out of them.

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#4: Use Visual Strategies

Live streaming has exploded onto the Calgary online marketing scene, and it becomes a great platform to put across a message. You can engage your audience members and highlight product features.

#5: Undertake an Email Marketing Plan

You should never underestimate the value of a targeted email marketing campaign. While some businesses have seen this as an irrelevant waste of time, social media has helped to expand it. According to Marketing Sherpa, around 91 percent of the adults within the United States surveyed said they didn’t mind receiving promotional emails from companies.

How you undertake a Calgary marketing scheme will have a big impact on the rest of your plans. You should look at everything carefully and plan it out slowly and thoughtfully for the most effectiveness.

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