5 Tips For Optimizing Your Facebook Business Page

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Having a Facebook page isn’t enough for your business. You need to maximize its potential so that you establish a foothold in the industry, build your brand and focus on bringing in new customers. To do that, you have to optimize your Facebook business page with Calgary SEO techniques, and we have five simple ways to do it.

Change Your Template To Suit Your Business Goals

You now have options on your Facebook business pages to alter the template of your page to suit your business and its goals. It is vital to building your brand’s awareness, but also to optimizing the page, so get the template that works perfectly for your business.

Sprinkle Your Business Page With Keywords

There is a tendency for people to overload their page with keywords. That stuffing might end up costing you down the line. The trick with keywords and your Facebook page is to place them within the content strategically. Ensure that your ‘About Us’ has some words, your meta description and your URL. Plan out beforehand on where and what words you will be placing. If you are struggling with keywords, speak to a social media marketing team in Calgary for advice.

Maximize Your URL

Facebook will provide you with the option to create your own URL for your business page. Think of keywords that can work within your URL, and make it similar to your website’s URL. This connection will help build brand recognition and improve findability on search engines for both sites.

A Strong CTA Button

A ‘call-to-action’ button is essential when it comes to converting your users into actually paying customers (if that is your aim). Business pages now provide a ‘CTA’ option so that you can take advantage of your visitors. Plan out and develop a strong CTA button so you can grab traffic and turn them into consistent users.

Optimize Your Posts

For all the work that you will do on your Facebook business page, you should not forget the importance of the posts that you make. While crucial information regarding your business will bring in traffic to your page, it’s your posts that will continue to draw in your audience. Optimize your posts with keywords, images and a targeted audience. It will help keep your business page functioning.

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