4 Online Social Media Tools to Help You Manage Your Online Presence

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Calgary Social Media Tools

The following social media tools help reduce the stress of multi-tasking and improve your Calgary social media activities.

  1. IFTTT – Save time with social media automation. If This Then That (IFTTT) allows you to create functions so that apps work together. For example, if your website has a blog, you can create a function that automatically tweets when you publish a new post.
  2. Canva – Visuals are key to grabbing attention on social media, and Canva lets you create beautiful images quickly. Turn ideas into images or choose from one of their customizable layouts to get started; Canva lets you easily design visuals to improve your Calgary social media posts.
  3. RiteTag – This social media management tool works across 14 major sites. One of the main benefits of RiteTag is the ability to analyze hashtags. It allows you to see recommended hashtags, what’s popular, what’s not, and what’s trending.
  4. Feedly – Content curation is an important part of social media marketing, and with Feedly you can find great content from a variety of sources. This RSS reader gives you the ability to gather feeds based on your preferences. Add feeds from multiple sites and a variety of styles, including blogs, publications, and YouTube channels.

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Creating a social media marketing campaign from scratch can be overwhelming. These four tools can help you get started, but working with an SEO company Calgary provides the expertise to make the most of your social media campaign.

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