What Do You Get With SEO Marketing?

SEO companies work by providing packages, which each one offering different components that may or may not align with your online goals. In most cases, SEO packages include the following:

  • Advanced SEO Services
  • Google Adword Campaigns
  • Social Media Marketing, Management & Advertising
  • Blog & Content Writing
  • Link Building
  • Website Optimization
  • Campaign Monitoring
  • Website Hosting, Updates, Technical Support & Design

Regardless of the package that you will get, SEO companies always provide you with SEO services (obviously!), industry research competition analysis, conversion tracking, and monthly reports. No digital agency is going to let you start off with an SEO campaign and then not keep track of it!

What Is The Cost Of SEO Marketing In Calgary?

The more you pay for packages, the more you will get. It all depends on the needs of your online strategy in relation to what you want to achieve with your website. Do you want more leads or stronger brand power? Do you want more traffic or more profits? With firm marketing goals, you can find a package and price that suits you.

So what are you expected to pay?

For ‘Basic Packages’ it costs between $900-$1500 per month

For most basic packages, you will get SEO, social media profiles creation and management, website optimization, blogs, link building and the usual reports. These are for businesses that just need that little kick to their rankings. In some cases, paying a few hundred dollars more can you get you additional blogs and social media profiles.

For those businesses looking to ‘Grow’ big time, packages can cost $2500+ per mont

If you are seeking to expand your online business and develop your SEO campaign to become a successful one, you are going to have to pay a little more. For around $2,500, you will get all the same features as basic packages (blogs, social media, link building), but more of it. More blogs, more social media profiles, more links – which is better for your overall rankings in Google. But the real kick is that you get Google Adwords campaigns, social media advertising, and technical support, which can really push your website to the top.

Those looking to ‘Dominate’ the market have to pay $3500 + per month for packages These types of deals are designed for you to dominate your industry. The aim is no longer about competing but leading. Hence you will have to pay extra for it. In most cases, you will get the same as a growing package, just more of everything. Up to four Google Adwords campaigns, more backlinks, three or more blogs, up to five social media profiles, additional content work, landing pages; the list goes on and on. With so much happening, you will be able to bombard your industry and really put your business out there front and centre.

Hiring The Right SEO Agency Makes The Difference

Just remember that money isn’t everything: the SEO agency that delivers the job for you is. A company that prides itself on its customers, its service and its values can help you more than just hiring the ‘cheapest’ option. Always consider a digital marketing company’s expertise, their online reputation and their experiences.

Getting the right SEO marketing package in Calgary can kickstart your business, growing it to new levels and even establishing you as a leader in your industry. The question is now: when do you want to start?

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Why A Custom Website Design Is Worth It

Your Website Is Completely Unique

What is going to separate you from your competition? What is going to make your brand stand out more than anyone else’s? Your website is part of the package. Having it custom designed in your image will make your business unique compared to everyone else. Your brand is tied to your website, so making it different will help your cause.

Created & Designed In Your Own Image

Why follow the template of another website, another competitor, when you can have a website designed in your image? With a web design company in Calgary providing you with assistance and support, they can construct and develop a custom website in your exact image – including even having your logo recreated for as little as $1,495. No longer will you be following along with anyone else: your site is going to be all about your business’ values.

Supports Your Current and Future Business Goals

While you are developing your new custom website, you have to think about the future. And in doing so, have to create your website that supports your current and future business goals. If you plan to develop an e-commerce site (which can cost you $2,995 – which isn’t as expensive as it seems), you have the capacity to do so with a custom website. Many premade templates give you only so much wriggle room, while custom designed websites can provide a platform for growth.

Greater ROI

Yes, you might end up paying more for a custom designed website, but you will be making money on a new attractive site, unique functions and use of better SEO services and techniques. More so, you will be saving money in the long-term as you won’t have to make a new website or redevelop your old one because it doesn’t suit your business’ current goals or status.

Designed For The Benefit Of Your Users

You know your customers better than anyone else. Which is why you have to build your website, so it matches their expectations and demands. Websites are not just about establishing your brand or being unique; it is also about tailoring it to your users so that they can get active on the site. They get what they want from your website, and you get a loyal customer in the process.

Would You Pay For A Custom Website?

As you can see, there are many advantages to getting a custom designed website for your business. Paying $4,995 is not as expensive as it seems for the increased business and higher rates of returns that you will get. Getting a marketing agency in Calgary to help you start this process can completely change your business.

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