10 Tips To Help You Get The Most Out Of Your Calgary Digital Marketing

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Calgary Digital Marketing

  1. Build your website with marketing in mind – The structure of your website impacts its effectiveness. Think about how to track its success, your calls to action, and the impact of design.
  2. Your digital marketing Calgary data is yours – Google Analytics, AdWords accounts, business listings, and other data should be under your control.
  3. Build an online presence, not a website – Your website is an important part of Calgary marketing, but only a part. Build your online presence so it works together as a whole.

Social Media Marketing

  1. Load up on data quickly – Use Facebook advertising to quickly test ad efficiency. Create multiple ads, changing one thing per ad, and see which ones work.
  2. Share and retweet – Only posting content about your company can backfire. Instead, engage with the online community and retweet or share posts from others.
  3. Don’t brag, add value – People are looking for useful information, not promotional blurbs.

Online Advertising

  1. Create one ad per keyword – Choose one targeted keyword and build a specific ad group around that keyword.
  2. Pay for local advertising – Dominate local search results with a locally focused Google AdWords campaign.

Calgary Email Marketing

  1. Automation – Email automation lets you stay on top of this powerful Calgary marketing tool that is easy to put off.
  2. Trim your subjects – Keep your subject line short; one carefully chosen word as a subject can boost your open rates.

Make the most of digital marketing Calgary with these 10 tips to boost your online campaigns. Hiring a professional digital marketing company helps you stay on top of the ever-changing world of Calgary marketing.

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